2001: Bush/Cheney inaugurated. Arsenic in the water. Chandra Levy. Sept. 11. Anthrax attacks. Patriot Act. War begins in Afghanistan.

2002: Axis-of-Evil speech. No Child Left Behind signed into law. Coup against Hugo Chavez fails. Color-coordinated terror charts are introduced. Bush brings case against Iraq to the UN. Washington DC sniper. Congress passes Authorization to Use Military Force in Iraq. Republicans retake the Senate.

2003: Colin Powell presents case against Iraq to UN. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates on reentry. The Coalition of the Willing invades Iraq. Bush gives Mission Accomplished speech. Bob Novak exposes Valerie Plame. Iraq insurgency begins. Deaniacs rally against the war. Michael Jackson arrested on new molestation charges.

2004: March 11 Madrid Bombings. Major NATO/EU expansion. Blackwater mutilations. Abu Ghraib. Iraqi Interim Government created. 9/11 Commission Report published. Rathergate. Red Sox break The Curse. Bush/Cheney reelected. Asian Tsunami.

2005: Rafik Hariri assassinated in Lebanon. Pope John Paul II dies. Bush attempts to privatize Social Security. Mark Felt exposed as ‘Deep Throat’. The Terri Schiavo affair. Hurricane Katrina. John Roberts confirmed on Supreme Court. Ariel Sharon has debilitating stroke.

2006: Hamas wins parliamentary elections. Samuel Alito confirmed on the Supreme Court. Al Askari Mosque is bombed, setting off the worst of the Iraq Insurgency. The alleged terrorist Zarqawi is retired. Israel invades Lebanon. Democrats retake House and Senate. Saddam Hussein executed.

2007: Nancy Pelosi becomes first female Speaker of the House. Virginia Tech massacre. Impeachment is ‘off the table’. Minneapolis bridge collapse. Benazir Bhutto assassinated.

2008: Fidel Castro resigns. Pervez Musharraf is deposed. Congress grants retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies. 2008 South Ossetia war. Barack Obama elected. O.J. finally goes to prison.

Fill in the blanks if you want. Personally, my worst year of the Bush administration was 2002. But looking at events from 2004, it’s hard to argue against it. And 2001 was almost as bad as it gets. What say you?

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