Why do so many right wingers have fantasies of a civil war and/or the assassination of Barack Obama?

Some examples:

The Return of Scipio:

Here is a reminder for those who need reminding. The red areas voted for McCain—or rather, for Palin. The blue areas voted for the other fellow.

You see here the first vague outlines of our next civil war. Be not afraid.

Gunslinger’s Journal:

How Long ‘Til This Joker is History?

And them, there are the right wingers who don’t just talk about a race war as revenge for Obama’s election, but actually take concrete steps to foment one:

BROCKTON — Maria DeSilveira stood on the front porch of a relative’s home yesterday clutching a framed photograph of her handsome father as tears rolled down her face.

“My dad didn’t deserve this,” she said of Arlindo DePina Goncalves, 72. “There’s too much racism in this world.”

Police said Goncalves was the third and final victim of Keith Luke, a 22-year-old Brockton man who authorities said devised an “evil plan” fueled by racism to kill as many “nonwhites” and Jews as he could before taking his own life.

Luke, authorities alleged yesterday, killed Goncalves and a 20-year-old woman, raped and shot the woman’s 22-year-old sister, but failed in his plans to attack a Jewish synagogue and end his life.

It’s hard not to see the connection between those who post online their fantasies of violence toward Obama, minorities, liberals and Democrats and those who takes such lunatic, evil ravings to heart and act accordingly. I give you one last example, the blogger who calls himself Scipio commenting about this video by Obama supporters:

MySpace Celebrity and Katalyst present The Presidential Pledge

Here’s what Scipio (a self described Christian) had to say about the people who appeared in it:

Looking at them, there is not a one into whose guts I would not shove a sword if I could possibly get away with it.

The bloodlust of so many on the right always surprises me. When Bush was President it was directed primarily outward, toward Muslims and Arabs and “illegal immigrants” invading our precious borders. But now that Obama has won, it seems they lust for the blood of their fellow Americans. People such as you and I. It is beyond me what motivates their intense hatred and desire for a bloody retribution against all those who they perceive as wicked merely because we exercised our right of free speech and our right to vote. Fear cannot be the sole cause of their wish to bring about of an American Holocaust in which they would be the God’s Holy Avenging Angels of Death. It has to be something more that festers in their hearts and minds. But what that twisted, evil justification may be, I will never understand it.

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