I’ve had an “issue” with Comcast in our area.  Right around the time of the Inauguration, On Demand had a “Barack Obama” category. Very comprehensive.  Quite good, I said.  And I planned to kick back and watch it all the following weekend.  This was a Saturday. [BTW, it also included that HBO concert on the Mall.]  Anyway, the following Thursday, thinking that they keep these categories for eons, I clicked my On Demand to see how many hours exactly I was going to be glued to the tube.  The “Barack Obama” category was gone!  I picked up my phone.  To cut a long story short: with lovely pestering they put some of the programming back — took about 2 weeks of pestilence (should have had locusts in my bag!). But guess where they, in their infinite wisdom, decided to put it his work?!  You can now find some of his speeches under “Black History Month.”  So that got my goat! And I had to call these guys and ask how they can have a “Jonas Brothers” category, “Be My Valentine,” etc., etc., get rid of “Barack Obama” category, and then (after our complaints) put some of his vids under their “Black History Month.”  Damn, I said to their rep, “Isn’t he OUR PRESIDENT.  Why are you putting him in a box?  He is OUR President!”  In other words, do not marginalize him or us in your small minds.  He represents all of us (irregardless of race, gender, creed, etc.) which has been so employed to separate humanity. Yep, I got on my soapbox, my little Hyde Park Corner.

First I got comcast to put some of the great footage back, now I want them to put that into “Barack Obama” category. So if you’ve got a little time and are a comcast subscriber, check it out, call them and ask.  The more we all call up that kaput behavior, the more it will run into the damn sewer, where it belongs.

Sorry about this hasty note.


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