Given that Rep. Ellen Tauscher is intent on breaking the hearts of any progressives that put their faith in Barack Obama, I can’t think of any single politician more deserving of Accountability Now. In other words, the number one priority of Accountability Now should be to identify a progressive who is willing to run against Tauscher in a primary and to fund that challenger to the hilt. Then we can see whose heart gets broken.

Tauscher, a former Wall Street investment banker, said she hasn’t met with a banking lobbyist in months. But she makes no apologies for her relationships with the business sector, which she notes employs her constituents. New Democrats’ ability to work with industry to find a middle ground on major issues is important now, she argued, given the wave of crises that has shaken the public’s confidence.

“Those that are advocating for purity in ideology or as a test for who’s a good Democrat are going to have their heart broken. They’re also not going to get anything done,” Tauscher said.

Ellen Tauscher is not a good Democrat. She also doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut.

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