The Reshaping of a Nation

Join Gottlieb, Ed Encho and I tonight at 6pm EDT on Wild Wild Left Radio, via BlogtalkRadio.

In this week’s segment, we will be discussing 9/11’s aftermath. From PNAC to Iraq, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Torture to Cheney’s deathgrip on the Permanent Government.

Like most of you, we have more questions than answers; but as I ask these questions, please call in with your answers as well.

Please call with any questions you may have, or respectful commentary.

The call in number is 646-929-1264

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Sample questions below, to allow you to consider what input you may have.

What was your initial reaction to 9/11?

Did you find anything odd about it from the start?

Were you aware of PNAC at the time, and how many signatories of it were in Bush’s administration?

Do you have doubts about any of the official story, and if so, was it photographic evidence or scientific evidence that lead you to have said doubts?

If there was any negligence/complicity, who benefited most from 9/11?

Do you feel 9/11 has been misused as a tool?

Did the Downing Street Memo, in which “Crush dissent and manipulate info” to “provoke Saddam” and show “long standing intent” of an Iraqi invasion color your view?

Knowing 9/11 was a false pretense for invading Iraq what information is it they sought so badly that torture was necessary for them?

Was information the point of torture?

Iraq was a moderating force between Israel and Iran. Has its elimination as a force made more likely a US-and/or-Israeli conflict with Iran inevitable?

Seymour Hersch claims Cheney left “Stay Behinds” in the CIA/NSA/Military, and has been vocal about torture’s effectiveness. Do you think this is why Obama has done a 180 on releasing torture photographs?

What do you think of McChrystal’s appointment?

Do you think with or without more public evidence, any accountability for torture will result?

Why, after decades of semi-involvement in the Afghan/Pakistan region, and 8 years of full involvement, is War in Afghanistan suddenly “DIRE” to the US?

All evidence points to Afghanistan being as unwinnable as Vietnam. Why in the World would Obama do this to himself?

Is 9/11 again being used to justify that invasion, and who has the most to gain from it?

Do you fear a new “New Pearl Harbor” as the public angers over the torture cover up, increased military intervention and the illegal use of White Phosphorus by US drone bombers?

The REAL question:

Was 9/11 a coup to repress our rights and justify fascist tactics to gain World Dominance and cement the Intelligence Communities hold over us?

All this and more, dear readers. Join us and be heard!

(PS: Answer on the AIR if you can, rather than on the thread. If you cannot call in, feel free to leave thoughts below, and I will use what I can!)

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