Israeli settlers occupy a house in Sheik Jarrah, East Jerusalem

July 26th, 2009. Israeli settlers occupy a house in Sheik Jarrah, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem. This is part of a larger plan by settlers, the most visible of them, Irving Moskowitz, an American Jew, to put facts on the ground in East Jerusalem, halting any attempts by Palestinians to claim East Jerusalem as a capital for their future state. In the meantime what is occurring is nothing short of ethnic cleansing of thousands of Palestinians from homes they have lived in for fifty years or more.

In Al Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem
Israel engage in effective ethnic racist Steps to forcibly alter the residency of a Palestinian neighborhood

The “High Court of Justice” has issued an evacuation order for one of the 28 houses to be evacuated and demolished in the Palestinian Al Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. As an occupied part of the West Bank, Israel has no right to issued and carryout such decisions, especially that East Jerusalem remains one of the main issues to negotiate between the Palestinian and the Israeli sides. The Israeli court decision is neither legally justified or morally. However, and in this respect is has been leading a methodological campaign against the Palestinians’ rights and very existence in the occupied city of East Jerusalem.

The storyline of Al Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem started out back in the year 1985 when the contrive of the planned neighborhood illegally assumed control of a Palestinian expropriated property (the Shepherd Hotel) from the Israeli custodian of absentee property who has taken control of the hotel following the 1967 war, despite the fact the heirs of the rightful owner of the hotel (Grand Mufti Al-Haj Amin Al-Husseni) are still alive and long legal residents of Jerusalem.

The plan for the new Israeli neighborhood  

Protest over Sheikh Jarrah house continues

The house is the subject of a legal dispute in which the Jewish claimants, who say they purchased the property legally, have been granted the right to enter the premises, although a stop work order had been issued for the property and was scheduled to take effect at 5 p.m. on Tuesday.

Sheikh Jarrah residents, however, said on Monday that the home had belonged to an elderly woman, Mrs. Hijazi, who had recently passed away, and that the Jewish claimants had falsified their ownership papers for the house.

“We have papers dating back to the Turkish government that show this home to be Palestinian property,” said Mitri Nasrawi, who works for the Coalition for Jerusalem, a Palestinian group.  

‘Netanyahu freezes East Jerusalem construction’

(IsraelNN.com) Despite his stated support for permanent Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently froze a major construction project in the capital city as a diplomatic gesture to the United States. So reported Channel 10 news correspondent Raviv Drucker, citing testimony from Jerusalem city officials.

Netanyahu has denied the report.

According to Drucker, Netanyahu ordered a halt to a construction project in Pisgat Ze’ev, a major Jewish neighborhood that is home to more than 40,000 Israelis. The project was to provide another 900 housing units in the area.

Several senior officials in the Olmert administration indicated that they would be willing to give the PA some Jerusalem neighborhoods, but all insisted on maintaining Israeli sovereignty over majority-Jewish areas such as the French Hill – Pisgat Zeev – Neve Yaakov bloc of neighborhoods in the northern part of the city.

Recently, Netanyahu expressed support for Israeli sovereignty not only in majority-Jewish parts of the capital, but in all of Jerusalem, when he rejected an American demand to cease construction of a Jewish-owned structure in the majority-Muslim neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Netanyahu reportedly said at the time, “What is [Obama] thinking? After I built 20,000 housing units in Har Homa despite all the pressure, I’ll freeze construction of 20 housing units?”

Shas to quit the government, the moment negotiations on Jerusalem begin.

Jerusalem Welcomes American Envoys with Chants of “Saddam Hussein Obama”

A rally was held this evening protesting the arrival of the US envoys in Israel. Members of National Union, Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu led the crowd, which included Kahanists wearing t-shirts saying “Kahane was right,” referring to Meir Kahane’s ideology of violence against all who stand in the way of the constant expansion of Jewish territory.

The general atmosphere of the rally was that Obama is a Muslim and a racist who denies the Jewish people their right to control the Land of Israel.

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