Looking at an Iowan take on the 2012 Republican presidential race, I’m struck by how implausible all ten of the proposed candidates are. I mean, Chuck Grassley, Bobby Jindal? Seriously? And they’re probably the pick of the litter. I liked this bit on Sarah Palin:

Many in the national media have this mistaken sense that Iowa Republicans are seeking a new identity, that they’ll reach out to moderates and carve out more widely palatable positions. Having been to two major GOP events in just the last weeks in Iowa, I get the distinct sense that the party is growing smaller, more insular, more angry — and that it is likely to double-down on a candidate like Palin — damn the torpedoes and the media and conventional wisdom — and Gov. Haley Barbour who tried the other night in Des Moines (to no avail) to get rank-and-file Republicans to accept new demographics and dynamics of life in America.

Palin is exactly what many Republicans want ~ a time machine. We know that machine goes back, but whether there’s a switch in it for the future remains to be seen.

They actually predict that Palin would win the Iowa caucuses over…wait for it…Jeb Bush. The GOP can’t possibly go back to the well on either of those candidates, can they? But who’s the competition? Tim Pawlenty? Mittens Romney? Newt Gingrich?