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Wow, not much has changed in 528 years of human “cultivation.”

Edict of the Expulsion of the Jews (1492)

You know well or ought to know, that whereas we have been informed that in these our kingdoms there were some wicked Christians who Judaized and apostatized from our holy Catholic faith, the great cause of which was interaction between the Jews and these Christians, in the cortes which we held in the city of Toledo in the past year of one thousand, four hundred and eighty (1480), we ordered the separation of the said Jews in all the cities, towns and villages of our kingdoms and lordships and [commanded] that they be given Jewish quarters and separated places where they should live, hoping that by their separation the situation would remedy itself. Furthermore, we procured and gave orders that inquisition should be made in our aforementioned kingships and lordships …

Moors driven out of Granada – 1491

The multicultural revival in Spain: Alhambra – 2008 and the the inauguration of the bright, airy and elegant Granada Mosque.

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Alhambra Palace, Granada Spain (Photo Queens University)

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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