When it comes to the history of Bush Wars, I am not going to call out Mark Ambinder for special condemnation. I didn’t even know who he was until about 2007, so I am no expert on his failings as a journalist during the peak years of deceit. What I do know is that from 2005 until the end of the Bush presidency I wrote three or four or five posts a day detailing the myriad ways in which the administration was lying and the media was failing to call them out on it. I think I have been vindicated on more than 95% of what I wrote. With extremely rare exceptions, I did not have direct sources within the government. I used raw empiricism. The administration was lying about nearly everything they were willing to discuss, and it was obvious. Over the first term of the Bush administration I did develop what could be described as a raw hatred, but it was well warranted. They earned my antipathy. What I wrote was based in logic, not mere animus. I challenge Mark Ambinger to read my archives and find where I was wrong because hatred blinded my analysis. I doubly challenge him to read my archives and find where my hatred was without merit.

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