Whatever happened at other ACORN offices, it’s clear that James O’Keefe, the right wing poster boy for this “scandal” had an agenda and went looking to tape footage of ACORN workers that would support that agenda. That doesn’t make him a journalist, unless you consider that lying about your purpose for visiting ACORN offices, secretly taping people without their knowledge or consent, and not revealing the other instances where ACORN officials threw you out of their offices constitutes acceptable and ethical journalistic behavior. Any organization will have employees that violate its rules and policies, or make mistakes in response to what they clearly perceived as a prank. Major multinational corporations with government contracts such as KBR, Blackwater, Boeing and others have a long history of illegal and fraudulent activity. Yet the government still doles out massive contracts to them worth far more than any funding provided to ACORN. Funny how no one in the media is mentioning that right now.

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