Booman blogged on Honduras yesterday, not once, but twice since there was a dramatic development during the day with (deposed) president Zelaya’s surprising return to the country. Using various transportation, a 15 hour trek through the country brought him to the Brazilian embassy where he is currently located. Zelaya obviously has considerable popular support – in spite of a curfew declared by the coup leaders – thousands gathered in the streets to show their support.

Today, there have been dramatic developments. In retaliation, the coup makers have cut of all utilities to the Brazilian embassy.

Honduran security forces are patrolling the area around Brazil’s embassy in the capital after clashes with supporters of ousted president Manuel Zelaya.
Mr Zelaya, who has taken refuge inside, accuses the interim authorities of attempting to “asphyxiate” the embassy by cutting off supplies.
The embassy’s lights, water and phones have been cut off and the only contact is by mobile phone, Brazil’s media say.

That is certainly a hostile act against the sovereign territory of Brazil and a clear indication that the coup makers are no boy scouts. The OAS, the EU and the Vatican condemned the coup when it took place, but there has been hardly any bark and certainly no bite in dealing with the coup. In fact, the IMF has recently extended credit to the tune of $164 million.

 No country in the world recognizes the coup government of Honduras. From the Western Hemisphere and the European Union, only the United States retains an ambassador there. The World Bank paused lending to Honduras two days after the coup, and the Inter-American Development Bank did the same the next day. More recently the Central American Bank of Economic Integration suspended credit to Honduras. The European Union has suspended over $90 million in aid as well, and is considering further sanctions.
But the IMF has gone ahead and dumped a large amount of money on Honduras — the equivalent would be more than $160 billion in the United States — as though everything is okay there.

Time for the Obama administration to deal more forcefully with the thugs.

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