Something tells me these guys might not be affiliated with Al Qaeda. Call it an educated guess.

Two men were arrested when police found a pipe bomb, two shotguns, bomb-making materials, ammunition, a can of propane and SWAT costumes in their car Tuesday night in New Haven, Conn.

So far the police don’t have a clear sense of what the pair were planning to do, New Haven Police spokesman Officer Joe Avery told TPM.

“They’re not talking much,” Avery said. […]

The men, John Iannucci, 38, of Branford, Conn., and Jessup Bowllinger, 27, of New Haven, were charged with the manufacture of bombs, illegal possession of explosives, illegally transporting explosives and having a shotgun in a vehicle.

I’m sure they must be followers of The One, right? Part of his master plan to subvert our Republic and form an Islamocommiefascist Tyranny in which small children will be trained to rat out their Republican parents, and the Federal Government will intrude on every aspect of our lives, even enforcing laws which tell us what we can and cannot eat, drink or smoke.

Still, I admit to some curiosity regarding the TV viewing habits, books and other political influences of Messrs. Iannucci and Bowllinger. I imagine you do, too. Then again, I suppose it could be one big misunderstanding, just like the last time Mr. Iannucci a slight mishap when carting around “fireworks” in his car. I make no assumptions just because the poor man has been the victim of a series of unfortunate events while transporting items that might (I emphasize the word “might” here), in the wrong hands, be used to kill people in large numbers.

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