What’s your preferred matchup for the World Series? Here are your options:

Phillies vs. Yankees
Phillies vs. Angels
Dodgers vs. Yankees
Dodgers vs. Angels

For my part, I’d be really happy with the Yankees against either National League team, but with so many friends who are Phillies fans, I have to admit that a Phillies/Yankees matchup would be awesome. On the other hand, I am still traumatized from the 1981 World Series where the Yankees won the first two only to lose the next four to the Dodgers. I want revenge. The Yankees played the Dodgers in 1977, 1978, and 1981, so it formed in my youthful mind that the Dodgers and the Yankees are kind of the optimal matchup.

I really like the Angels ballclub and philosophy, but I still see them as an expansion team (even though they are older than I am) and I don’t like to watch new teams in the Fall Classic. There is nothing worse that watching the Rays or Rockies or Diamondbacks in October. I want tradition and echoes of history.

What say you?