Today is blog Action Day.  In the organizers’ own words:

Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. Blog Action Day 2009 will be the largest-ever social change event on the web. One day. One issue. Thousands of voices.

Although The Opportunity Agenda does not directly work on climate change, the problem is so pervasive that it impacts the issues we do work on.  Climate change is not an abstract phenomenon when it comes the lives of everyday people in America.  There is mounting evidence that greenhouse gases are increasing the potency of hurricanes, whose impact disproportionately affects those most vulnerable in our society.  And as the climate does change, it will be the poorest among us that suffer in increased fuel costs. Finally, the polluting elements that cause climate change are also most common in low-income communities of color.  As a result, the health of residents in these areas is worse than those in more affluent neighborhoods.

For these reasons, climate change isn’t an issue simply to be addressed by environmental groups.  Social activists, too, must see the connections and address this universal concern—a step in realizing the promise of opportunity for all.

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