Ah, here’s a story which is a perfect convergence of those crazy gun control advocates and activist judges infecting their sinister anti-founding fathers memes into the minds of ordinary Americans in order to defeat our precious 2nd Amendment Rights. And in Tennessee forgawdssakes! Is nothing sacred!

A Davidson County judge ruled Tennessee’s controversial guns-in-bars law unconstitutional at a Friday hearing, prompting the state senator who sponsored the legislation to say he will push the issue again when lawmakers return in a few months. […]

She ruled after an hour of arguments in a lawsuit brought by a group of plaintiffs, many of them restaurant owners. More than 257,000 people have handgun carry permits in Tennessee. […]

“I think the judge’s common-sense ruling on the vagueness of the law affirms the recent MTSU Poll that showed over 80 percent of Tennesseans were opposed to the concept of guns in bars and restaurants,” Nashville restaurateur Randy Rayburn, a plaintiff in the case, said Friday afternoon.

Me personally? I don’t live in Tennessee, so I don’t have a dog in this hunt, so to speak. I don’t go to bars or restaurants there, so I don’t need to worry about one of the 275,000 people with concealed carry permits getting all “lickered up” and pulling out his or her handgun to “right a wrong” whether or not their judgment as to the matter might just be mildly impaired due to the effects of alcohol.

Sure, we don’t let people drive drunk because cars are, after all, deadly weapons, but I’m sure drunks social drinkers would be much more responsible with the use of their handguns while out for an evening of the good old fashioned American pastime of public intoxication.

Still, for some reason, bar and restaurant owners seem to have come down with the liberal commie fascist disease in Tennessee, because they didn’t like this law, which only expands our god given right to bear arms while pounding back a few shots of one’s favorite bourbon (please no jokes — let’s keep this a serious discussion). For example, have you ever heard anything so Wimpy and Bedwettingly Unamerican as this statement?

“We will have vigilantes shooting up bars all over,” said Randy Rayburn, the owner of three upscale cafes, who led opponents of the law.

Hey, aren’t we a nation founded on vigilantes. Isn’t that why Batman exists? Why lynch mobs were created? Why … oh never mind. I can see this isn’t going to end well. Damn liberals!