The Democrats have found someone to run against Sen. Jim DeMint in South Carolina. He’s against the health care bill, against the bailouts, against the stimulus, he considers himself a gun person, he used to be a registered Republican, and he voted for Lindsey Graham in 2008. So, if I’m living in South Carolina, why wouldn’t I just vote for the guy who has more seniority? Where are the contrasts? Chad McGowan doesn’t have a traditional issues page. Instead, he’s doing this gimmick where he will introduce one new idea each week for the year leading up to the election. For example, one of his ideas is to let Medicare Part D negotiate drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately, that idea got dropped in return for PhRMA’s support for the health care overhaul. My question is this: is South Carolina really so conservative that we have to run candidates who don’t support the president’s agenda? I know I don’t want to donate money if it’s going to go to a guy who doesn’t support health care reform.

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