I wonder…if you took a secret poll of Senate Republicans, how many of them would like to see Tom Coburn defeated in the 2010 elections? Coburn will object to any effort to speed up the process of passing the health care bill even though that means members will miss Christmas Eve with their families and will have to come back to DC before New Years Day to expand the country’s debt ceiling. I particularly liked Senator John Cornyn’s spin on this.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said, definitively, “no, we’re not going to cede back any time. We’re fighting til the bitter end, till hell freezes over and we’re skating on the [thin?] ice.”

I don’t really care if senators’ holidays are ruined. It’s basically what they deserve. But I think most of them would like to strangle Corburn for his pointless posturing. Yet, they’re going to make the best of it by telling us all that they’re only doing what the teabaggers demand.

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