Brought to you by Bush:

Brought to you by Obama:

Hm, I’m having a hard time telling these two administrations apart.  Why is that?    

Here’s another Obama baby:

More war crimes, courtesy of your HERO, Barack Obama.   These ones are nice and DEAD, yeah, baby!   You score extra points for the dead children!

But heaven forbid we should be against anything Obama does or says,  Heaven knows we shouldn’t be “anti-corporatist” when these kinds of crimes are being done on behalf of American corporations and nobody else.

No, Obama’s likeable!   He’s charming!    He couldn’t possibly mean anything bad!   And heck, he doesn’t have any real power at all because of those nasty fuckers in the Congress!     Joe Lieberman is FAR FAR more powerful than Obama!   You’re an idiot if you don’t know that.

I told you to cancel my account.   You might want to do that.

Or there’s gonna be more of this crap that I’m wiping your nose in.

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