Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter has announced that he is running in the primary to take Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s job away. He’s got a website up and a video.

He comes out swinging, blaming Washington DC for bailing out Wall Street with no strings attached and serving the interests of the insurance industry. From what I hear, Halter is not a Blue Dog Democrat and is a friend of the LGBT community. I can’t say that I know how he’d vote if elected, but he’s a serious threat to Sen. Lincoln. She will have to watch her left flank now. which probably means that she’ll be a better vote until the primary is decided.

The Washington Establishment, including the DSCC, has no choice but to protect Lincoln, but her reelection numbers are weak. This could be a similar case to Chris Dodd in Connecticut, where the incumbent has worn out their welcome but a new popular Democrat has a good chance to retain the seat. If you want to send a message, you can donate here.

Now, the progressive wing of the party is very likely to get behind this challenge. I think we’ll be better off either way. Lincoln will be a stronger candidate for having won a competitive primary, and Halter will be a fresh face with a lot of momentum if he can upset her. If Lincoln loses the primary it will definitely put other Democrats in the South on notice about what is expected of them. What do you think?

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