Here’s the Roll Call for the Health Care bill that passed tonight with a 219-212 tally. Thirty-four Democrats voted against it and no Republicans voted for it. The Republicans are totally steamed. One, as yet unidentified, member of Congress yelled ‘Baby-Killer’ at Bart Stupak on the House floor. A quick look at Fox News showed Michael Steele and Tom DeLay still living in la la land, claiming that the bill is unconstitutional and will provide federal funding of abortions. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi just used the same gavel used to pass Medicare to gavel home the reconciliation portion of the package.

As much work still needs to be done to improve our health care system, President Barack Obama has already sealed his place in history as one of the most consequential presidents our country has ever seen. He made some mistakes along the way, but he got it done. He wanted to be a transformational president. Barely more than a year into his first term, he is already that.

[At left, Obama reacts to passage]

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