I know we’re a small state, but I want others to know about this. Rapid City doctor Kevin Weiland is gathering petition signatures so he can challenge Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in a primary.
I am thrilled about this.

He announced this yesterday and is going to make a bigger statement to the press today. I’ve already seen Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC ads online for him today.

I started gathering signatures this morning and have been met with enthusiastic support so far. He needs 1,200 signatures by March 30th.

So many South Dakotans are upset with Herseth Sandlin – and not just because of her vote on health care. She’s been voting on the wrong side of almost everything for many years. Can Weiland beat her? I don’t know, but I’m thrilled he’s going to try.

So, if you know anyone in South Dakota, spread the word!

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