You may have heard that the GOP in Utah is having their convention tomorrow and they will be voting on who to put on the ballot to represent them in this November’s U.S. Senate race. Normally, that would be the incumbent, Sen. Bob Bennett, who has served in the position since 1993. But it looks increasingly likely that Bennett won’t be among the top two choices of the delegates and will be the first member of the Senate to feel the anti-incumbent wrath of this year’s electorate. And, no, he can’t get on the ballot as an independent.

While Bennett has paid a price for his support of TARP, what worries Republicans like [Orrin] Hatch is that Bennett seems vulnerable largely because he’s an incumbent and part of the political establishment.

We have this weird phenomenon where the Republicans are winning in all the head-to-head matchups even though they are about as popular as a case of the clap. I can’t predict what will happen, but I can say that the Republicans are running a truly rancid list of candidates this year.

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