A few days ago Square Enix announced officially when he propogandaed new film in North American official website. PS3/Xbor 360 role play games “FINAL FANTASY 13 ” will be released in Europe and America on March 9, 2010. Square Enix adressed the issuance of big news on November 13th previously in the “Final Fantasy 13” North America’s official website.Labour Day Gift Ideas for Sister

It is confirmed that the big news is the release data in Europe and America, and simultaneously releases PS3 version and Xbox 360 versions in North America and Europe On March 9, 2010. It is also announced that famous British singer Leona Lewis would perform the theme song ‘My Hands’ in the Western version. And the theme song of its Japanese version, “Because you are here”, sang by Sugawara Sayuri, a female Japanese singer.

“Final Fantasy 13” of PS3 Japanese version is planned to be released in Japan and other Asian regions on 17th December. It priced at 924 yen, and released in North America and Europe on March 9, the 2010 PS3/Xbox 360 English edition priced at 59.99 US dollars. May 8th, 2006 in America time, Square Enix finally pronounced the attention attracting news about “Final Fantacy” series. This is the work of “Final Fantacy XIII”.

This series are called FINAL FANTASY 13 FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS, including Final Fantasy XIII, sequel to the FINAL FANTASY series, There is another anecdote opus [Final Fantasy VERSUS XIII”, and a mobile phone games [Final Fantasy AGITO XIII”. The other series Final Fantasy Versus 13 also pubilshed on PS3 have some difference with Final Fantasy 13 which has a female charecator. Its leading role is a male, red eyes under grayish blue hair.

Game stage is in a country which maintains peace relying on cystal power, Architectural style is very close to modern. It more has modern Japanese style, but it is not in another spaceon on the earth.

the hero dressed in black and holding the weapons is a royalty in this country. The associative perception of this game squints towards action. By the powerful function of PS3, A brand new Final Fantasy series game will reveal on us.

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