I know it has been said elsewhere and I know that we have bigger issues of concern worth focusing on, but it seems to me that Mark Kirk’s lies about his military service actually exceed anything that Richard Blumenthal did, and, yet, there’s very little outrage or news coverage about it. I don’t have access to the statistics, but Blumenthal’s misleadiing representations merited a front-page article in the New York Times and wall-to-wall coverage on the cable news. Many media figures, including MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, effectively declared Blumenthal’s campaign to be stillborn. I haven’t encountered anyone willing to say the same thing about Mark Kirk’s campaign. And, really, there would be more merit if someone said it about Kirk, because Blumenthal was, and remains, an overwhelming favorite to win the Connecticut seat, while Kirk has never been better than a toss-up candidate.

Also, if you can die fighting Nazis in 1955, that’s pretty impressive.