PM Benjamin Netanyahu was responsible for the cabinet decision to stage a commando attack on the Gaza Aid flotilla and the death of 9 activists on the M/V Mavi Marmara in international waters.  

Helen Thomas quits after Israel comments

“I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians,” the 89-year-old Thomas wrote on her website. “They do not reflect my heartfelt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon.”

Thomas continued apologizing in the Washington Post, telling its media critic, Howard Kurtz, in a Monday column: “I’m very sorry for my remarks. I think I crossed the line. I made a mistake.”

Gambling with Conflict: How Settlers and a California Casino King Control Israeli Policy

  • How about Pat Buchanan?
  • Ultranationalist settlers on occupied Palestinian land

    "But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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