Well, it’s election night again and another incumbent went down to defeat. South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis got thumped out of office with an exclamation point. He voted against the Iraqi troop surge of 2007, and supports a revenue-neutral carbon tax, has concerns about offshore drilling, warrantless surveillance, and global warming, He also told folks to turn Glenn Beck off. He lost his runoff 73%-27%. In the modern GOP, no sanity is allowed.

In North Carolina, Elaine Marshall beat Cal Cunningham 60%-40% for the right to take on Senator Richard Burr. Marshall was the more progressive pick. The DSCC preferred Iraqi War Vet Cunningham. She will now try to follow in Kay Hagan’s shoes and make North Carolina like Washington State and California…with two Democratic women senators. Missouri could join the list if Robin Carnahan wins the race there. I’m pleased with this result and it gives us someone to support rather than restricting ourselves to people we oppose.

In other news down South, Strom Thurmond’s son lost a runoff for a congressional seat to a black teabagger. For all I know, this race was between two sons of Strom Thurmond. Of course, it’s quite possible that the Democratic nominee is also Strom Thurmond’s son. You never know.

There are also results coming in from Utah and California.

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