Who knew that extremist jihadi Muslim Arab Islamofascists would go to such great lengths to destroy our beloved American Oil Companies and wreck our economy as to hold a conference on Climate Change in which they push the leftist propaganda of Al Gore? The horror! No, the TERROR!

AMMAN – Arab countries will be devastated by climate change, which threatens to wipe out almost half of the species in the region and transform the Levant into an “infertile crescent”, warned a report released on Sunday.

The “2009 Arab Environment: Climate Change. Impact of Climate Change on Arab Countries” report, released yesterday by the Arab Forum for Environment and Development (AFED), indicated that the phenomenon will lead to fewer water resources, a rise in sea levels, damage bio-diversity and spread diseases throughout the region. […]

It indicated that the Fertile Crescent, lands stretching from Iraq and Syria to Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, will lose all traits of fertility by the end of the century due to deteriorating water supplies from major rivers and soil erosion.

“With continuing rising temperatures, water flow in the Euphrates River may decrease by 30 per cent and the Jordan River by 80 per cent before the turn of the century,” the report warned. […]

Biological diversity in Arab countries will become another casualty of intensifying climate change, revealed the report, warning that a 2¼C rise in temperatures will cause 40 per cent of all species in Arab countries to become extinct. […]

Increased temperatures and ocean acidity will lead to bleaching of coral reefs in the Red Sea basin, which will affect tourism particularly in Jordan and Egypt, while beach erosion and sea level rises will affect coastal tourist destinations, the report showed.

Jordan, along with Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria and Lebanon will be among the countries whose tourism industries will be highly affected, as these countries’ beaches are narrow and buildings are located close to the shoreline. […]

Regarding human health, the report said climate change will contribute to the spread of vector-borne infectious diseases such as malaria and bilharzias and affect seasonal concentrations of some allergens in the atmosphere, causing allergic reactions and pulmonary diseases.

The report indicated other effects of climate change will threaten human health, such as rising sea levels and coastal flooding, which will impact food security and lead to malnutrition and hunger.

Boy, Al Qaeda is now definitely shown to be in league with Michael Mann, NASA’s Jim Hansen, NOAA, EPA, those snotty Brits at the East Anglia Hadley Climate Research Unit and all those other Islamofascist infiltrated American agencies and climate scientists.

You know what else this proves? Al Gore was really the mastermind behind 911. Just read between the line boys and girls, read between the lines …

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