First, warning this is an unpolished RANT against the Democrats along with the progressives and liberals. Second, I do not subscribe to the theory of passive aggression, rather I subscribe to hit em in the mouth and kick their ass aggression. So this is where I am coming from, so if you’re up to it, go dig my complaints below the fold.
Just suppose for a minute that the Congressional Republicans are in the situation that the Congressional Democrats are currently in. Specifically, in this inverted scenario the Senate Democrats have continued their practice of voting NO on everything and this time they blocked a critical extension of the unemployment payments to all the states. Millions of Americans have been left WITH NO INCOME whatsoever. Millions of Americans will not be able to pay their rent or make their house payment, or even get a little Mac and a coke at their local McDonalds. So using a little imagination, what do you think the Republicans would do in this instance?

We don’t need a lot of imagination to predict that in this inverted scenario, the Republicans would be blasting TV and radio spots across the country showing desperate crying white men and women distraught over their inability to put food on the table for their poor sad eyed children. Each TV spot would place the blame squarely on the shoulders of those cruel insensitive corporation enriched Democrats who simply don’t give a damn if Americans starve to death in America. I’m sure that you’ll agree with me that the Republican Video and picture factories would be working overtime to paint the American countryside with these accusatory videos. They would distribute these devastating ads directly to the local TV stations across the nation, bypassing the networks and therefore get more concentrated airtime for their advertising dollars.

Now let’s flip the political situation back to reality. The Democrats are currently standing in the position to publicly damn the Republicans for leaving millions of Americans penniless and hungry for the foreseeable future. Yet the Democrats are silent, sitting back like the passive KIGME’s that Al Capp drew in his cartoons years ago. Let me digress for a minute to tell you about the KIGME characters that Capp came up with. The KIGME was a soft round white penguin looking friendly character. However, they were not birds and they sort of acted like the Boppo the clown toys. KIGME’s did not need any physical care and mysteriously reproduced overnight like rabbits. KIGME’s hung around human beings for the sole purpose to get kicked around whenever somebody lost their temper and needed to beat up on something. Every time someone kicked a KIGME in the butt, it would immediately respond with shouts of glee and pleasure and begged the person to please do it again. Since the KIGME was indestructible, people could kick them around until the angry person collapsed from sheer physical exhaustion. The KIGME character in the Sunday comics was Al Capp’s contribution to world peace.

It seems to me that the Republicans have decided that Democrats are the modern version of Al Capp’s KIGME’s, and have decided to treat them as such. That’s why they didn’t have the slightest fear of blocking millions of Americans from receiving those modest subsistence $300 unemployment checks, leaving those living from check to check, flat broke. As the Republicans surmised, all the Democrats have done is shake their heads and cluck their tongues at the brazen injustice of the insensitive Republican vote killing the unemployment extension provisions.

Since Obama became president, I have been receiving a steady stream of “transparent” emails from the White House and different organizations in the Democratic Party. All of these “transparent” emails outline some particular opposition or dirty trick that the Republicans and the Tea Party are doing to the American people, and how the Democratic Party is fighting to stop the Republicans. Each one of these emails always ends with a request for $5, $10, $20 or whatever I can afford to help the cause. Well, I am damn well fed up with these “transparent” emails from an organization that is lazy, stupid, or bordering on a scam, and can’t get up the necessary gumption to fight back against these Republicans. What is worse when they are served up a “softball” gift in the form of an awesome politically dangerous gamble by the Republicans, the Democrats just sit on their hands instead of “crowding the plate” and knocking the ball out of the park.

I have raised this issue on several occasions with my own Congressional Democratic persons, and I was told that we prefer to give the American people the facts. One Representative actually said, “If I have to politically campaign like the Republicans, I’ll get out of politics. I have principles.” The future really looks bleak for the Democratic Party when one considers that the new crop of young Republicans are diligently honing their internet, photo shopping and video production skills. Future elections are going to be fought out on a video battlefield before masses of technically ignorant voters. Currently, these young Republicans have discovered a new rule of the Internet, i.e., if it appears on YouTube first, no one cares whether it’s a lie or it’s the truth. It automatically will be accepted as gospel. No one cares about the retraction announcement declaring that the posting was all just a hoax; especially when that announcement is given a week after the original fraudulent video was posted.

Currently the Democratic Party is in disarray as it refuses to face this highly evident glaring fact that is emerging from the new age of 21st century politics. Political survival is at stake for Democrats and progressives in this country and the first step is to generate enough backbone to start serious discussion on this subject. Until then I will remain highly pissed off at the entire Democratic Party. Nuff said…..

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