I gotta be honest with you. I basically missed all the legal maneuverings and right-wing media-hyped controversy over the New Black Panther case. If I remember correctly, sometime on election day, or maybe the day after, a video emerged of two black men in militant attire, one with a nightstick, who were milling around a polling place in a low volume area of Philadelphia. Some right-wing blogger filmed it, I think, and there was some effort to say these two gents had been trying to intimidate voters. I laughed at the story at the time and whenever I’ve seen a headline related to it I’ve laughed at it again.

Only someone who has never spent any time in Philadelphia would think it was some kind of unusual scene to see a couple of pseudo-Panthers walking around. And it’s kind of stupid to think that pseudo-Panthers were suddenly so pro-Democratic Party that they’d devote a November afternoon to shooing white voters away from the polls. Has anyone even looked at how badly McCain and Palin did at that precinct? My guess is that they got less than 30% of the vote. They probably got less than 40% of the white vote. In all but a handful of Philadelphia precincts it would have made sense for McCain to hire pseudo-Panthers to scare away the white vote.

I don’t think a story can get dumber than this. It’s funny to see the Washington Post blow their stellar record of ignoring this case at the last minute.

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