I would say it has been a bad night for the Republicans, and it could get worse. Down in Georgia, the run-off race for governor is so close that it could be headed to an Franken-Coleman style recount. Likewise, in Colorado, Dan Maes, the UN-bicycle conspiracist, has a 600 vote lead in the gubernatorial race with 72% reporting, and the RNCC’s candidate is losing the senate race to the man whose best attribute is that he doesn’t wear high-heels. In Connecticut, the Republicans are stuck with pro wrestling entrepreneur Linda McMahon in the senate race. I guess the neo-cons can take some satisfaction in Ned Lamont’s epic flameout, but I suspect that Dan Malloy will be the tougher general election candidate for governor. There’s not much to report on the House front, although you can all say hello to a new congressman from Georgia’s 7th District. Rob Woodall is the former chief of staff to retiring wingnut John Linder.

Also of interest, Margeret Killiher somewhat unexpectedly dispatched former senator Mark Dayton in her quest to be the governor of Minnesota. She’ll face Tom Emmer.

Update [2010-8-11 8:50:55 by BooMan]: Looks like I called this one too early. Dayton pulled it out after all.

All told, a good night for the Dems. And, since Obama-endorsed Michael Bennet defeated Clinton-endorsed Andrew Romanoff in the Colorado senate race, David Sirota can move on to his next shilling gig.

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