This has the benefit of being true:

“This is a ‘rip your opponent’s face off’ election for us,” said one Democratic campaign manager. “It’s clear from polling that Americans don’t like the policies that got us into this mess and they do not blame Obama for what started it. They blame him for not doing more about it, which they have every right to do. That means we have to make the other choice unbearable. You need money to do that.”

Democrats have the money; the DCCC has about twice the cash on hand of the National Republican Congressional Committee, and the party is already investing in state and local affiliates. The DCCC’s early ad reservation was much bigger than the NRCC’s initial buy, announced — but not yet made — this week. If they use that money edge not only to make the election a choice, but to make it a choice in which the Republican is an unacceptable option, Democrats will save seats.

A normal citizen, presented with both sides of the argument at equal volume, is not going to find the Republicans’ case plausible or attractive. Plus, half of them really are crazy.