One of our saving graces this year might be the increase in early voting. I was watching MSNBC this morning and they were suggesting that early voting helps the Republicans because they tend to vote early more often than Democrats and they have more enthusiasm. That’s nonsense. The bigger the electorate, the better it is for Democrats. This is never more true than when the Democrats are polling even or ahead among registered voters but trailing among likely voters. The more time we have to get our voters to the polls, the better. As for the enthusiasm gap, it isn’t showing up in Iowa and Ohio, where Democrats are requesting a lot more early ballots than Republicans. That’s probably a result of our superior organization (OFA).

So, while TIME is predicting armageddon for the Democrats in Ohio, they are assuming that all the votes cast will be cast on November 2nd. In reality, the voting has been going on for more than a week and the Democrats are currently casting more votes.

You can help call voters in early-voting states by signing up with Organizing for America. Please do it. We need to win this election through superior intelligence and hardwork, because we are outgunned on the airwaves and in the media.

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