Why did the New York Times do a profile of Pam Geller instead of John Cole when he has twice her traffic?

Because she’s actually influencing the behavior (and even the rhetoric) of the Republican Party. She says something insane, and two days later Newt Gingrich is repeating it as though it were something thoughtful.

Why do the media outlets amplify her hatred? Because it sells more advertising than John Cole’s cat.

It’s also grossly irresponsible. Even George W. Bush and Dick Cheney knew enough not to fan the flames of Islamophobia. It’s hard to believe that we’re worse off without them at the helm of the Republican Party. Now its run by some angry loon in her “modern full-floor unit in a high-rise on the East Side of Manhattan that could belong to a socialite or the editor of a lifestyle magazine.”

Meet Carrie Bradshaw, the racist blogger.

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