Roy Herron may feel like he needs to run away from Nancy Pelosi to win a seat in Congress, and maybe it will work for him. But he shouldn’t complain about the DCCC refusing to give him money. If he won’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker, then he’s almost useless to the Democrats.

The vote for Speaker is taken by the full house. The Democrats may have a preliminary vote within their caucus about who to nominate, but once that is settled, they only have one candidate in the running, and that candidate will be Pelosi. The Republicans will probably pick John Boehner, who is currently the Minority Leader. Whoever gets the most votes is going to win. If Mr. Herron votes for, say, Steny Hoyer, that’s a vote that Pelosi loses in her quest to retain the speakership. If she loses the speakership then the Democrats lose control of the lower chamber and all of its committees. There is no incentive for the DCCC to give any money to anyone who has pledged not to vote for Pelosi. Herron made that choice, but he has no right to complain about the consequences.

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