It’s robocall season. We got some robo text messages in our district today, but they weren’t as awesome as the robocalls from The Campaign for Michigan Families. What I learned is that you can say ‘homosexual’ an infinite number of times in a minute and a half-long robocall.

Our joy here in Pennsylvania was more muted (from a press release).

Shadowy Third-Party Group Linked to Illegal Robocalls Sending Text Messages for the Benefit of Gerlach
Still Unable to Speak for Himself, Gerlach Now Relies on Potentially Illegal Text Messages from Americans in Contact PAC

ELVERSON, Pa. – Today, people in the 6th District received a surprising text message on their cell phones. Stating they were from “,” the text message attempts to make a scary link from Manan Trivedi to Obamacare and job losses.

This organization, Americans in Contact PAC (AICPAC), has been linked in the past to push polling and potentially illegal robocalls. Now, they are sending unsolicited text messages to voters in the 6th District trying to scare voters away from Manan Trivedi.

“Congressman Gerlach has been letting others talk for him throughout this whole campaign,” Trivedi said. “He’s been hiding behind his campaign spokesperson and female voiceovers and mailers from the state Republican party and refusing to debate me in Berks County. Now, it appears he has enlisted the help of a shadowy third-party group. But with a record of not listening to the people in his district — voting to bail out big banks, protecting tax breaks for outsourcing corporations, and voting against small businesses — it’s obvious why Congressman Gerlach needs to resort to the old Washington trick of hiding and spreading lies about your opponent.”

Let me know if you get anything good, bad, or stupid.

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