The polling is just brutal. It kind of makes it hard to want to get out of bed in the morning. What’s really frustrating to see is results like this from Pennsylvania:

PA-Sen, PA-Gov (Ipsos for Reuters): Joe Sestak (D) 46%, Pat Toomey (R) 46%; Dan Onorato (D) 43%, Tom Corbett (R) 49%
(Sestak leads 46-42 among RVs, and even Onorato leads 46-43 among RVs)

There is going to be a lot of blame slung around next week, regardless of how these midterms play out. I know the administration owns a lot of the blame. But people can only control what they do. And too many progressive opinion leaders have spent the last year sniping and complaining when all the signs were there that the left was in the fight of its life with a new brand of vicious reactionary homophobic xenophobic racist politics. Why they chose to focus so much on our own shortcomings and not too much on the threat we have been facing, I will never know. But the threat has arrived. And now we have a demoralized base. We’re going to lose seats all over the country where registered voters actually favor our candidates.

But, I have been warning you about this all year long. Grab some people and drag them to the polls. At least you’ll feel like you did your part.

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