One more day, one more damning, murderous racist blast from Glen Beck “fantasizing” about the death of people not like him. In this case, President Obama:

God forbid anything bad happen to the people I so love to hate.

That was the theme of Glenn Beck’s Thursday radio broadcast, in which he spun a series of myths about the president’s ongoing trip across Asia into a violent fantasy about Obama getting his head cut off by radical Muslims angry that he’d supposedly forsaken Islam. […]

In Beck’s Thursday afternoon radio spiel, the often dramatic and conspiratorial right-wing radio host suggested that because Obama had supposedly forsaken Islam, he’s placing himself at risk of being killed by radical extremists in India, who would just as soon “behead” him.

“God help us all,” he said. “Why is the president putting himself in danger? Why is anyone allowing him to put himself in danger, and if it’s not a danger, why do we have 34 warships? […] I don’t care if you spend $10 billion to protect the President. Nothing can happen to the president, period. I don’t like the man. He’s the President of the United States nothing can happen to him, so I don’t care how much money you spend, but why is he going there? Why are we spending $2 billion to put him there?”

The remark about 34 warships, and the claim of expenditures topping $2 billion for the president’s trip, is without merit according to the White House.

People call Fox News and its “hosts” “Radio Rwanda” for a reason. In most of the country talk radio has no progressive voices to counter the hate and bigotry and eliminationist speech of right wing talk radio. All you hear are variations on a theme, and that theme is hate thy neighbor and pray for his or her death. That is especially true if your neighbor is one of the following: Democrat, liberal, progressive, homosexual, transgender, African American, Muslim, Hispanic, Scientist, atheists, ad nauseam.

Expect this kind of hateful, demonizing, “someone ought to take out these godless heathens trying to destroy America” rhetoric to ratchet up even more over the next two years.

As Sarah Palin would say: You Betcha!

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