It’s not just on their side, either.

Now that they have to govern, Republicans are grappling with a tough initial challenge: how to detach themselves from an influential wing of their party that has never been interested in arguing facts. On a daily basis, these people bemoan, detest and feign outrage over utter fantasies. Some of the loudest voices are elected representatives; others are professional provocateurs interested in keeping their lecture fees high and their base in a lather.

I mean, I could triple my readership in a month if I just started making shit up. Sometimes it’s tempting, I gotta tell you. But as for the Republicans worrying about their nutters, Tim Egan has to realize that their whole game plan depends on them. It absolutely does. Where would the GOP be without Death Panels, and the Hawaiian birth certificate, and cries of socialism? Orly Taitz was gold to these people. ACORN, Henry Louis Gates Jr., New Black Panther Party, PARK 51, beheadings in the desert, Sharia Law coming to get you. You think the top brass of the GOP disapproves that crap? They revel in it. They finance it. And they need it. So, get some bottled water and duct tape, keep the bureaucrats away from your grammy, and stop worrying about the GOP’s ability to handle their nutters. It’s our side that doesn’t know how to handle them.

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