It occurs to me that if any Democrats who just got bounced out of office intend to support a continuation of tax cuts for the richest three percent of the population, then they were worse than useless. It’s one thing to vote in a way that helps you get reelected so you can do good things on other issues. But, if, once liberated from the need to appease big business, you still vote for tax cuts for the filthy rich and further exacerbate the historically large income gap, then you weren’t really a Democrat in the first place.

And, please, don’t give me an argument about the need not to raise taxes in a down economy. We need money in circulation, not in some trust fund. For business investors, the president is waiting for the Senate to pass a small business package that slashes taxes (again) and creates other incentives for investment. This has nothing to do with personal income.

I hope Pelosi continues to hold the line. The GOP will cave.

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