The census results were released. We lost six electoral votes and probably close to twenty House seats. It’s going to be a tough decade for winning back the House of Representatives. We picked a bad time to get killed in an election. The loss of legislatures and governor’s mansions is going to translate into an easier reign for Speaker Boehner. On the other hand, the data demonstrates why the Republicans are in deep trouble.

But the most lasting political impact for Republicans and Democrats alike is the rise in the influence of Hispanic voters, particularly across Arizona, Nevada and Texas, which underscores the urgency facing both parties in finding new ways to appeal to Hispanics. In future presidential races, Democrats believe they can make inroads into Arizona and Texas, which are traditionally carried by Republicans, particularly if voters speak out against Arizona’s tough immigration law.

Texas gained four electoral college delegates (and therefore four new seats in the House). But the Republicans will never win a national election again if Texas turns blue. And pretty much all the growth in Texas can be attributed to a growth in the Latino population there.

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