The Senate passed a test-vote on START ratification with 67 votes. What this means is that the president is going to succeed in his number one priority foreign policy item in his first two years in the White House.

He also just completed a total repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, and in a manner far superior to doing it by executive order, as many impatient people insisted that he do. He’s going to get the 9/11 Responders bill passed. He is the only president in our history to successfully pass a bill to establish the right of access to health care for all our citizens (not to mention, the subsidies to make sure people can access it).

He’s already the best president of my lifetime and he has six years to go. It’s not even close. I’m basically at the point now where I don’t even want to hear the complaining and griping. He’s about the last person in Washington DC who deserves criticism. When you get done handling everyone who makes his job difficult, then you can get to him. Wake me up when someone has his back on Guantanamo. Wake me up when he can get some money to conduct a trial for an al-Qaeda suspect.

And he did all this with a 60-vote requirement, a Party of No opposition, two shitty wars he didn’t start, a seven million job lost deficit, and a bunch of people calling him a Kenyan socialist Nazi who wants to kill your grandma and turn the country over to Sharia Law.

But he didn’t do x so I guess McCain/Palin would have been just as good and really no different if you think about it.

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