US teen birth rate still far higher than W. Europe

ATLANTA – The rate of teen births in the U.S. is at its lowest level in almost 70 years. Yet, the sobering context is that the teen pregnancy rate is far lower in many other countries. The most convincing explanation is that contraceptive use is much higher among teens in most Western European countries.

Last week, U.S. health officials released new government figures for 2009 showing 39 births per 1,000 girls, ages 15 through 19 — the lowest rate since records have been kept on this issue.  CDC press release and report.

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However the headline and story in the Washington Post:
Birthrate among teens hits record low

Adjusted graphic in headline of the Washington Times:
Teen birth rate hits 70-year low Original story in Times was the content of the CDC press release. Article content has changed in last hour.

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