The next three weeks are going to be a tale of two chambers. The Senate will be in recess, The House will be an absolute circus. On Friday, the House Republicans will get their first real thrill when they vote to repeal “ObamaCare.” The Democrats won’t care though, because Harry Reid isn’t going to pay any attention to their stupid repeal and the thing will just die. Therefore, the whole exercise is basically pointless. It could be considered some kind of a con designed to make stupid Tea Party-types think the Republicans and following through on their promises. But I don’t think anyone will really be fooled. More likely, most Americans will want to know why the GOP is focusing on bullshit instead of jobs and the economy.

Pointless partisan braying will be on display in countless ways as new House members compete to get attention for being the most anti-Obama. But the Senate won’t be idle. While they will be in recess, they are going to be discreetly discussing rules changes. You can get a basic breakdown of the proposed reforms from David Waldman. I’ll have more to say about them over the next three weeks.

The main thing, though, is that the Democratic reformers will be trying to build public support for the rules changes over the next few weeks, and that is where you can be of some assistance by spreading the word to your personal social networks and helping the case for reform go viral. We’ll be ignoring most of the Stupid that is going on in the House and trying to help pass meaningful reforms that will make our government more accountable and efficient.

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