I cannot imagine why on Earth the president thinks it is a good idea to sit down for an interview with Bill O’Reilly during the pre-game for the Super Bowl. Unless he plans on making O’Reilly look like a total idiot, I don’t see the upside.

Greg Sargent seems to be worried about William Daley becoming Obama’s chief of staff for the wrong reason. The election moved the administration to the center because they now have to deal with a Republican House. Compared to the new arithmetic, the criticism that Obama has governed too far to the left is of infinitesimal importance. We’re playing defense now, and the goal is to win re-election, not to win some stupid argument about the Overton Window. The reason to worry about Daley is not that he’s friendly with business, but that he lacks the killer instinct needed for a presidential campaign.

Things are bad in Israel. It appears that there is now a form of McCarthyism developing there. But I think it’s worse than McCarthyism.

I think someone should give Atrios a book deal and an Iowa road atlas so he can cover the Little Rickey Santorum for President 2012 Excellent Adventure. Of course, I’m willing to do the gig. Send me an email, a case of grapefruit, and a small stipend and I’ll be on my way.

David Rivera will be the first freshman to resign, but he won’t be the last.

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