– the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Responding to the article, Barak, the saboteur destroying Israel’s left wing, Hurria at Booman Tribune replied:

WHAT “left wing”? How easily we overlook today the fact that the so-called “left wing” in Israel – aka Mapai/Labor – is the party that initiated the 1967 war, instituted the Alon Plan for the illegal colonization of the occupied territories, illegally colonized, and ultimately illegally annexed the Golan Heights, build the first “settlements” (more accurately called colonies) in the OPT, and in the earlier decades of the occupation did far more actual confiscation, destruction, and construction of “facts on the ground” than the “right wing”. As we used to say, “Likud talks about settlements, Labor builds them”.

Jonathan Cook, the British journalist, clarified the significance of Ehud Barak’s resignation as head of Israel’s Labor Party even further by indicating its meaninglessness: the more things change, the more they stay the same. The occupation and colonialism will continue unabated.

In the final analysis, whether  Barak stays in the Netanyahu government as the head of Labor, or as the head of a newly-created “Independent” section, or altogether retires from politics matters not. [For the latest on this, see Barak has brought about a more extremist, right-wing government.]

This is particularly so after recent Israeli media reports  that US government officials felt deceived by Barak.  (If true, this is yet another indication of the sophistication of the Obama Administration – having been dumb enough to believe anything Barak told them.)

With Barak or without him, with Labor or without it, with Kadima or without it, the Israeli government will continue its mission full force:  the colonization of Palestine and the slow replacement of one people by another.

Several stories from the past few days demonstrate clearly that Israel’s Labor and Kadima parties provide no opposition to the Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance.  Not at all. None. In fact, the differences between them and the current government are minuscule….

For as long as there is a dunam (a unit of land area equal to approximately one-quarter acre) left here or there, Israel’s colonial project isn’t complete and, with rare (and temporary) exceptions, this is the national mission of all Israeli governments, Netanyahu’s, Barak’s, Livni’s or others’. As always, time is of the essence and there is much work to be done:  settlers must settle; investors must invest; donors must donate; rabbis must bless (and curse); the military must attack; extremists must extreme; and, as always, apologists must explain and defend.

And what does it mean for the future of Palestine? Only the uninitiated in Israeli politics do not know what some, like Hurria, knew all along: the hopelessness of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

As Mearshirmer, the historian and co-author of The Israel Lobby, put it recently, Israel is on an irreversible course down the path toward Apartheid. It would therefore seem that Palestine’s future is now in the hands of the BDS (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) Movement, which is already growing.

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