I was at the book store two days ago and I noticed that there was an entire table dedicated to adoring books about Ronald Reagan. I thought that was odd until I saw a sign indicating that the 100th anniversary of Reagan’s birth is coming up this weekend. I guess there’s no better time to sell some of those warehoused books on the Gipper. So, I guess we’ll get treated to another round of b.s., where we all pretend that Reagan was a decent president.

If it wasn’t obvious by his scandal-plagued second term in office, it should be obvious by now that Reagan bequeathed nothing to the country but debt, crime without consequence, and a movement of idiots who have by now morphed so radically to the right that, if he were president today, they would primary him while questioning his manhood and perhaps even his citizenship.

So, let Peggy Noonan talk about his characterological sweetness. His kids know better.

Reagan screwed us.

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