Packers or Steelers?

I’m a Giants fan. If you know what that means then you’ll also know exactly why I like the Steelers and the Packers so much more than other teams in the NFL. It’s a small fraternity. They share many things in common, including a stubborn refusal to employ cheerleaders. Since the Super Bowl is being held in Dallas, the mecca of sports cheerleaders, everyone is all upset that there won’t be titties at the Super Bowl. That’s what happens when two classy teams meet in the championship.

The problem is that the Steelers’ quarterback is a rapist. He’s also incredibly good at playing football. I like everything else about the Steelers. But I hope that they rid themselves of their quarterback.

The Packers have no running game, and I find that annoying. I’m glad these two teams are meeting, but it’s hard to decide who to root for.

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