Oh boy, what a maroon! Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) abruptly resigned today after it was revealed that he was responding to personal ads on Craig’s List but lying about his age, occupation, and marital status. This is abnormal behavior for a Republican. They usually shrug off revelations of personal hypocrisy and rank dishonesty (see John Ensign, Rush Limbaugh, or David Vitter). I guess sexual stupidity is a bipartisan affair in upstate New York (see Eric Massa or Carl Paladino).

I am surprised. I had predicted that Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) would be the first Republican in this Congress to resign in disgrace. I think there will be a long list of resignations between now and 2012. That is what happens when you elect a bunch of rogues and scoundrels to high office. Rep. Lee was actually a sophomore, and I hadn’t detected any particular stench of Stupid or corruption from him. Lee was elected when his predecessor Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) decided to retire. He had barely survived his last election due to his non-action in the Mark Foley congressional page scandal.

In any case, I commend Rep. Lee for resigning immediately. There will be a special election. It’s not a friendly district for
Democrats, but we could conceivably pick up the seat.

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