It’s hard to credit every report out of Libya, but if even half of what is being reported is true, it looks very much like Muammar al-Gaddafi is soon going to be either hanging from a lamp post or flying to some luxurious exile. It also looks like his options for the locale of that luxurious exile are diminishing quickly. I know that Saudi Arabia let Idi Amin live out his august years in peace, so it has to be considered a possible hidey-hole, but the nature of these revolutions puts a lot of pressure on the Saudis. Gaddafi has ordered the murder of a lot of people and most of the world will want him to answer for it at the Hague. It should be remembered that the last time the Saudis faced a real threat of revolution was 1979, and they did not offer the Shah of Iran sanctuary, forcing him to skip around from Egypt to Morocco to the Bahamas to Panama. And the Shah had a lot more powerful friends than Gaddafi. He may be nearing the point where Pyongyang is his only option. And, in those circumstances, a lamp post might seem like the more pleasant option.

P.S. I love this sign.

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