Only the most liberal and the most conservative members of the Senate voted against the latest continuing resolution. Interesting that Franken and Brown signed off on it.

I’d prefer it if Dan Quayle would refrain from lending support to the president’s golf game.

The Los Angeles Times discusses the radioactive fallout headed their way and says it is expected to be at safe levels. But…

Of particular concern, however, is radiation emanating from Fukushima’s No. 3 reactor. That reactor uses plutonium fuel, which poses a special health risk even in small quantities if the fallout were to reach U.S. shores.

Our allies in Bahrain are not making us proud.

Maine’s governor literally stole candy from children, says there is “nothing left to steal.”

The Princeton Tigers’ basketball team lost by two points to Kentucky on a last second shot. Princeton seems to almost always come up just short. Still, not bad for a team that doesn’t offer athletic scholarships.

The Republicans really hate public radio. It’s weird. My main beef with NPR is that it’s kind of innocuous.

What are you reading?

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